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Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach | Destin, FL

I am a devoted wife and mother, who has found her true passion for helping others along their journey through recovery. I am located in the beautiful Northwest Florida panhandle and work with clients in person and worldwide via video conferencing. Aside from being a Certified Recovery Coach, I am also an author, and certified in Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy – EDIT™. I firmly believe you can recover from an eating disorder, achieving ultimate freedom – Mind, body, and food. No two stories are alike, so your recovery is very unique and should be specialized to work for you.

I am trained to work with you in a unique way, outside of an office, helping you with daily living experiences. This means I will be available at times and during situations when other treatment providers are traditionally unavailable.

In conjunction with you and your treatment team, I will help establish goals and challenges for your coaching experience. I will accompany you in a variety of circumstances where your eating disorder behaviors are hard to control and together we will discover new coping strategies that I will help you utilize.

Finding the Light Within

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Take time for Gratitude -Journal

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