What makes having a Coach different from having a Therapist or Dietitian?

I am different from a therapist and dietitian but work together alongside both to offer you the best support system possible.

Your therapist works with the “why”, helping you to work through underlying issues that may have contributed to your eating disorder. Your dietitian is able to set up meal plans, and counsel you on your nutritional needs.

As your Coach, I am the “how”, focusing on the present, identifying specific goals for your recovery and developing strategies to help you reach those goals. I will help you to identify your strengths, understanding and affirming your strengths is one of the healthiest things you can do in your recovery!

One key benefit of having a Coach, is I am available for support outside the office and in between sessions via text, and email, so you are able to access support in-the-moment of a challenging situation or urge.

Having a Coach provides accountability and hands-on support, I can help you set up challenges or supportive outings such as meeting you for lunch, or going shopping for clothing, or groceries. I love providing hands-on support to my clients!


Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching Services, Destin FL – Because your eating disorder doesn’t only come around during your session, I won’t either. Having a Coach means I can offer support outside the office. I am available via text and email in between sessions. One of the unique benefits of having a coach is, I can also go shopping, attend events and support you through challenging situations such as eating at a restaurant or going grocery or clothing shopping

One - On - One Recovery Coaching

During our sessions together, I will meet you where you are. We will talk about goals, thoughts and feelings that come up along the way and any obstacles that may be holding you back.

Feeling connected to someone is an essential key in your recovery, for this reason, I am available in between sessions via text and email so you have the support needed in the moment or when facing a challenging situation. Our sessions together can in-person, or done by video conferencing.

1 hr | $100

Meal Support

One of the unique benefits of having a Coach is having someone who can meet with you for meals.
I will be here to support, eat meals with and overcome fears.
I understand the feelings that may come up around the table when food is presented.
I have the tools and experience to help you work through meals.

Meal sessions can be done at restaurants or in your home. I can also help you shop in grocery stores and teach you how to prepare these meals.

1 hr | $100

Snack Sessions

Snack sessions can be done in-person or online. Having extra support during snack-time can keep you accountable to your recovery goals as well as help establish a rhythm of eating

25 min | $30


Shopping & Events

As a coach, I am able to support you outside the office. Meaning I can go with you to events such as weddings, company gatherings or any other place you feel you could use some extra support!

Clothing shopping and grocery shopping can feel overwhelming at times, I can support you through both using a unique and personal approach.

2 hrs | Prices Vary


Monthly Maintenance

Check-ins are often helpful during recovery. It’s important to feel supported and accountable. Monthly 30 minute sessions are perfect for maintaining your goals and feeling supported with quick check-ins!


30 min | $50


*Payments must be paid before our session

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